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Digital nomads: professionalism and networking anywhere

digital nomad. Have you heard of this term? He is that professional who can work anywhere in the world , taking advantage of technology to develop the activities of his profession remotely, without depending on a physical place, a company, to work.

and this modality has been gaining more and more fans, especially after social isolation imposed by COVID-19 and adherence to the work model Home office They made a lot of people enter the universe of digital nomads. And data from a survey conducted by the Institute for Social, Political and Economic Research (IPESPE), in 2020, reinforce this trend. About 70% of respondents said they had no attachment to a fixed property.

The study also pointed out that 82% of young people between 16 and 24 years old want to try shared housing. Among adults, 52% are interested in the model, and the elderly resist more change, with only 36% favorable. In addition, only 26% of respondents want banking home financing over 30 years.

digital nomads prioritize their career, but in a not so traditional way. Aim at the flexibility of work schedules and a better performance of their services . Thus, they often work with more quality, from anywhere, where they feel good and creative for the work to flow to the best possible way.

Among the advantages of digital nomadism are knowing the world while working, looking for places with the most interesting climate, working in inspiring locations and increasing your networking. < /P>

If you are interested in the lifestyle of digital nomads and want to try it, Mouts is adept at This modality and has professionals in various corners of the world. Access Mouts and check out the available vacancies.