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From Father to Son: career in technology becomes legacy between generations

In the past it was common for children to follow the same profession as their father. It was common for professions to follow within the same family from generation to generation until they were known to the craft. With modernity, the expansion of studies and work, globalization, came the time that children wanted anything that was different from what parents did. Then the world turned once again and the legacies of father to son came back with everything.

Legacy like Zaher's to Samir. Both work with technology, but are of very different generations. The father, Zaher Mohamad Ghazi El Hassan, at the age of 51 more than twice the age of his son, Samir El Hassan, with his youthful 25, but the two divide more than affiliation - also divide the profession.

Zaher decided to work with technology when he was still a young man in their early 20s and lived in his homeland, Lebanon. He studied architecture, but migrated to information technology at the suggestion of a teacher. It worked so well that after forming he amended a specialization and then a walk in Brazil. He wanted to know other air and cultures, but remained open to possibilities. And they appeared. The vacation trip became change and Zaher found another place in the world to call home.

After settling in the profession, the time came to find landing in life. Lebanese married, came their children and, a few decades later, Zaher joined the company where - still unknowingly - he would also see one of his descendants start life.

Zaher joined Mouts Ti, a company in which he currently works in May 2018 and acts as a project manager. In 2021, he needed a specific project professional and realized that his son had the necessary qualification. The nomination was accepted and, despite being together, Samir had another professional as a manager. “Until that moment I had not worked with him, it was the first contact we had. I put him with another manager and said ‘I don't know how he is (at work). You follow and give me your feedback. ' After a few weeks he said 'your boy is good'. I am very proud to hear that. ”



Even though it has grown with computers, games and father's routine, technology was not Samir's first option. “At first I wanted to do nutrition, but then I thought better and ended up going to you. I always had very easy with computer and indirectly, experiencing my father's daily life, I ended up being influenced. It was not entirely, but it had his influence, yes, ”admits the system developer, who is also a contributor to Mouts Ti.

Although they are in the same company, today Zaher and Samir do not work directly together because they work in different projects. Father and son do not even live together: while Zaher is in Florianópolis, Samir lives in São Paulo. The meetings, mostly virtual, are constant and have technology as a agenda - sometimes. Even believing that he did not encourage his son's career so much - “what I had to influence was to bring him to Mouts,” says Zaher - he recognizes the importance of guidance and understands that he leaves a legacy for his future generations in a way.

“Technology has changed a lot since I studied, it was totally different and I feel very happy (of him having chosen the same area), because it is something in which you study logic, ways to solve problems, teaches how to solve Things in our lives, resilience in situations where you need to think and make decisions, so it's very gratifying, ”celebrates the Father.

For Samir, who sees continuing in the fact that he chose the same profession, the opportunity to work with Zaher also demonstrates the success of his choice. And he makes plans to act directly with his father in the future. “It's possible, I even matured some ideas, and it would be just easy, so yes, and I would be very happy,” he points out before hearing his father's last advice during the conversation:

“The way technology is changing, things are very dynamic, the new generation needs to update a lot, the more you can evolve to specializations, it's an important step”, concludes the father - sending the son to study. P>