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Mouts' internal acceleration program leads Meinecke systems to double the number of customers served

a Mouts Bet and encourages their talents to seek solutions and new opportunities. market. With the internal acceleration program , the company selects team projects and ideas and adds all its expertise, along with financial and commercial and operational structuring, to enhance the results.

a Meinecke Systems is an example. It was founded in 2011, by Luiz Filipe Meinecke, today shareholder, and chosen to join the program due to the solidity of the project. The acceleration process has started in February and currently the company is part of Mouts. Meinecke presented a well -structured project and already with a customer pack. In addition, it is inserted in an expanding market and has a product with great potential - the Koi System . With the support of Mouts, Meinecke has doubled the number of customers in six months and already serves six Brazilian states: Santa Catarina, Paraná, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Goiás - all from the outsourced services segment. >

In practice, the koi It is an ERP developed focused on service outsourcing companies - Surveillance, Ordinance and Cleaning - and has the ease of integration with other Excel software and spreadsheets among the advantages, ensuring import and use of data safely and efficiently. The main differentials of the system are the budget calculation efficiency , the integration and standardization between all sectors of the company, and the demonstratives of operational activities , that guarantee the security that the companies in the field need. With this, the computerization capacity - and consequently of professionalization - of the business and the connection between customer and company are enhanced.

One of the main objectives of the system is to reduce losses and increase the profit margin of outsourcing companies, which is considerably low. For this, it uses calculations to make the budget assertive.

System History

Luiz Filipe created the system to assist a friend who sought to improve the management of the company that outsourced service provision. Gradually and with the friend's guidelines on business needs, he created and continued to improve the project. He developed the first business management app between 2012 and 2013 and gradually became known for offering a solution that adapted very well to different needs.

This is the characteristic that names the system - adaptation. Koi, in Japanese, symbolizes “carp”, which has as one of the main characteristics the power of adaptation to different environments. This species of fish adapts to the size of the place where it is and so is the Koi . For this reason, Meinecke has clients of different sizes, micro and only four employees to organizations with 630 employees who use the same system adapted to their realities.